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The Agreement


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SHEMWomen agree to all of the following when receiving information. This is a place to share your joys and struggles with other women ministers/ministry women who will pray for you, provide you with information , and encourage you.

SHEMWomen agree to:
Support - Pray for the challenges and concerns of the women  
              ministers/ministry women while maintaining their privacy if
Help - Provide resources as directed by God.         
Encourge - Speak uplifting and positive comments that match with 
                God's word (the Holy Bible). Do not speak negatively of  
                women ministers and ministry women to others.
Ministry - Believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on the cross
              for our sins. Believe in the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy   
              Spirit. Believe that Jesus rose from the grave, ascended to
              heaven, and that He will return to us again. Believe in the   
              existence of heaven and hell. Believe in baptism as a public
              acknowledged of faith in Christ.Be involved in ministry as
              pastors, co-pastors, ministers, missionaries and evangelists.

We are not a church. We are a support ministry.
We are not a cult. We believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ is essential.
We are not anti-male. We support male leaders and male co-leaders.
If you agree with the above, go to Register Now.