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Welcome to this website!
We would like to have you join our community of women ministers/women in ministry who communicate by postal mail, email, and telephone with the results listed in a bi-monthly newsletter.
Our bi-monthly newsletter is a great way to support, help, and encourage women ministers and women in ministry. We'll use this bi-monthly newsletter to pray for women ministers/women in ministry, provide resource information, give encouraging notes, and create a better sense of community among women ministers and women in ministry.

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Becoming a Member
You can take a look at the About Us link and the Newsletter link to see if you are interested.

Interested in becoming a member? Read the Register Now link.

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S.H.E.M.Women, P.O.Box 160, Streamwood, IL 60107

Phone: 630-337-1014

Please note: SHEMwomen does not endorse the advertisements that you may see on these pages if they do not follow basic Christian teachings.