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Gathering News


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Greetings everyone! This is the page where we  share information about the 2010 Gathering.

Comments from attendee of the Gathering -
SHEMWomen Gathering was an awesome event, with speakers who made you feel like God was sitting right next to us. We were given positive directions and knowledge (and) which all who attended can use on a daily basis.
Thank you very much Rev. Revita and Rev. Ruth for all your efforts to make this Gathering occur. This special time was very much appreciated by all who were able to attend.
The meals were delicious, hotel setting peaceful and beautiful. The McDonald Museum was educational.
Joy and peace and supernatural hope in the Lord I experienced at The Shemwoman Gathering.  From the moment that I drove into the beautiful surroundings of our event to getting a cup of coffee and a delicious pastry and then sitting with women who are so filled with faith, I knew that I was experiencing what God calls "lavishing" in a personal way. Each speaker was absolutely amazing and I kept thinking as I was listening that  a thousand other women should be listening to this!    I experienced God's personal love and His care for me in a way that I can only explain by saying that I was reminded by the event that it was done with the same quality as though you were hosting a stadium filled with people instead of a small intimate group,   The thought of how Jesus would have actually died for me (or any of us) if were the only person ever born was really something God kept bringing to my mind as I enjoyed the lavishing that was poured out on Friday and Saturday through the speakers, the elegant meals, the fellowship with other women, the beautiful surroundings, and the special touches that showed each of us how much God cares.  God lifted my faith through each of the speakers and also filled me with His peace during those two days and it was a time of hope and of learning things that I didn't know before.  I learned more about doing battle and the power of prayer and I found out later on the Monday night after the event that God had absolutely filled me up with the knowledge of who HE IS as I was faced with a very painful storm in my own life.  I realize now after being in a place where the waters are beginning to become a little calmer, that God was lavishing me and filling me up with the truth in His Word so that I would be prepared and ready to endure what I faced after the weekend was over - even though I don't think I'm ever really ready for big storms!  After looking at the photos and remembering those two special beautiful and peaceful days, I only have one thought...I want to go back there now!  Thanks so much, Revita and please share my gratitude with everyone involved! 

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If you need more information, you may contact us at or call 630.337.1014