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Won"t He Make You Clean Inside
Available for $3

A booklet for people who have experienced sexual misuse (whether they have been abused, abusers, or by choice to be controlled by sex) who want to become warriors of Christ is

Won't He Make You Clean Inside

WOWWE,Words on Women Weekly Experience
Available for $5

A book for women to experience God on a weekly basis is called WOWWE, Words on Women Weekly Experience. Women can read, review, and do this book on their own, with friends, or in a group. Women will grow to know Christ on a deeper level, addressing issues in their lives, and creating change. You will never be the same.

Aaron/Sons of Aaron
Available for $3

A booklet that encourages for ministers and people involved in ministry to follow God's direction in their lives (especially if you are unsure) is

Aaron/Sons of Aaron:Reflections”.


Women's Polo Shirt
Size S-3XL $20

Women's Long Sleeved Shirt
S - 3XL $25

Men's Supporter Polo Shirt
S - 3XL $25